Total Results

Imagine... affordable care for salon perfect hair Introducing four professional breakthrough hair care systems

Total Results consists of five complete haircare ranges – Moisture, Color Care, Sleek, Amplify and Curl - perfect for every hair challenge, and Total Miracle products that deliver instant results you can see and feel

YOU SEE: Visible challenges

YOUR STYLIST SEES: Hidden challenges only a stylist can diagnose

Total Miracles provide ground-breaking performance that solves the challenges of each hair type.


  Moisture - Solve challenges of dry strands for totally restored hair, moisturized layer by layer  
  Color Care - Solve the challenges of color-treated hair for totally brilliant color that lasts.  
  Sleek - Solve challenges of unruly hair for totally repaired, smooth results that last 24 hours.  
  Amplify - Solve challenges of fine hair for totally voluminous results that last 24 hours.